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Everybody has their favorite Sims story. Sometimes you wish you could take the characters in the story and add them to your own game. Some authors are nice enough to put their characters on the gallery so they can be added to the game by readers. That is how this blog came to be. I have taken some of my favorite Sims 4 characters from stories and added them all into one game. You can find which characters I am using as well as their original stories on the menu above. Originally this blog started as a place to post pictures of what was going on in the game. As the game progressed a story started to unfold. This story can be found under the link Pieces of Time.

Echoes Of Our Past

Where our past and our present meet

Appalachia + AGI + Automattic

The Asteria Narrative

"You're only as young as the last time you changed your mind."

The Wishcaster

When things are not what they seem.

Stacy Jeziorowski

Nonprofit Marketing and Communications Lead

Day & Knight

A simlit drama based on the I'm A Lover Challenge

Starting Over

Escape to Nowhere Challenge Blog

The Outfit

A Sims 4 Legacy Saga

Tribe Wahine: An Amazon story

Amazon legend starts here

New Beginnings

Building Newcrest

Livin' A Simmin' Life

a collection of Sims stories and musings

PS: Pack Showcase Simlit

Simlit Stories for: Cats and Dogs


It's a blog. Can't say more, because of reasonable CIA agents

The Hope Legacy

Build Newcrest


A Sims Blog