Jackson Day and Family

Jackson Day was downloaded with his wife, Winter, and their three children, Siobhan, Elias, and Eric. Jackson and Winter are no longer together. Winter has since remarried and pictures of her and her new husband will be posted at a later time. (Boy did MCCC make me laugh with that match.) Jackson has a live in girlfriend (my simself 🙂 ). They live with Jackson’s three children, their daughter, and another is on the way. Here are a few pictures to show the loving family.

05-27-17_9-20-40 PM

Jackson and Siobhan before her birthday

05-27-17_9-30-32 PM05-27-17_9-30-39 PM05-27-17_9-32-00 PM


05-28-17_3-56-50 PM

Teenage Siobhan

05-28-17_10-31-13 PM

Siobhan and her best friend Emily (Sim made of my RL best friend’s daughter)

05-29-17_10-59-18 AM

Siobhan hanging out with her friends

05-29-17_12-44-00 AM

Jackson’s new little Daddy’s girl, Cheyenne

05-29-17_12-49-44 PM

05-29-17_12-50-11 PM

Eric, Cheyenne, and Elias

05-29-17_1-14-58 PM

05-29-17_1-16-38 PM

A family of 7

05-29-17_1-22-59 PM


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