Everything on Hold

All updates for both the Rosebud Challenge and Pieces of Time are on hold. I am stepping away from both game saves for the time being. It is for the safety of the Sim characters in the games. Something happened in my RL family that has my mind completely messed up right now. For now, … More Everything on Hold

Weeks 3, 4, and 5

Axel hard at work on his writing. Time to become parents. Look who the doctor is. Axel having a snack while Rose is in the delivery room. Welcome Alexia Axel still collecting for his family. An upgrade to the house. Axel doing his daddy duties. Alexia growing up and having fun. Axel is truly turning … More Weeks 3, 4, and 5

End of week 2

Week one was mostly just Axel doing a lot of collecting of plants and rocks to earn his first $500 and Rose moving in. Week 2 has seen some progress. Axel has finally cooked something without setting things on fire. The lack of privacy is getting out of hand. Every time Zayne started to sing, … More End of week 2

Character Update

This is just to give an update on some of the various characters in the game. I have turned aging back on so things have changed a bit. People have died, gotten married, moved out, had kids… ¬†MCCC has been busy. Elias Day Elias and Emily have gotten married. They are currently living with Emily’s … More Character Update