Ch 1: Revenge is a dish best served cold

06-02-17_1-57-47 AM

“You two are the most incompetent monkeys I’ve ever seen.”

The Boss was mad. Actually he was beyond mad. These two were lucky to even still be alive. The only reason they were was because one was his nephew and the other had put in a lot of years of loyal service to the Boss.

“I told you not to return without the girl. Now I’m going to have to send someone else to get the job done.”


06-03-17_5-04-26 PM

She was his last choice to do this job, but she had convinced him that she could do it. She had a history with both of the parents and could easily gain access to the child. Against his better judgement, he allowed her to try.


06-03-17_4-48-50 PM

It had actually been easier than she had expected. She had found the girl standing alone on the front porch watching a butterfly. She could hear Alex inside calling to the girl to get inside. What Alex didn’t know was that it was already too late by that time. She already had the little girl’s attention and would very soon have the little girl.

She quickly earned the enough of the girls trust to allow her to pick her up without the girl screaming.


06-02-17_11-57-23 PM

Tony stood in the nursery watching the little girl cry. He knew she was scared being in a new place, but it was important that she was here. He had huge plans for her and her future.

“Hello, Tianna. I’m your Uncle Tony. You can call me Grandpa if you want. That will be okay.”

Technically Tony was the girls great uncle, but since he raised her father as his own, he was okay with being known as her grandfather if it was easier for her.

06-02-17_11-58-26 PM

He tried to talk with Tianna a bit, but she did not seem to want anything to do with him. She pushed him away when he tried to give her a hug.

06-02-17_11-58-35 PM

“NO! Stwanger!” Tianna ran to another part of the room and tried to hide. “I want my Daddy.”

Tony left the girl alone in the room. He had other business to attend to.

He smiled when he saw the woman waiting for him.

“You did a good job, Babe.”

06-03-17_5-05-55 PM


10 thoughts on “Ch 1: Revenge is a dish best served cold

  1. Tony stealing little children now, huh. I hope he’ll at least give Tianna bright future. Nice to see him being still popular with the ladies. I hope this wasn’t the last time we saw him.

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      1. First female sim who came to mind was Luna from Tribe Naheli. The tattoo on her back should be a telltale, but I don’t remember many sims with this tattoo. I think Joce from Ashes 2 Ashes had this tattoo because CitizenErased mentioned it to me just recently.

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    1. The characters in this first chapter are from the story Day & Knight by the wonderful Pammiechick. This is an alternate world for her characters as well as characters from other stories.


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