Ch 2: Skipping School and Skipping Out

06-04-17_2-17-39 AM

“Eric, I got a call from the school today.” Jackson had found his youngest son in the backyard kitchen.

“Whatever they said I did, I didn’t do it, Dad.”

“They said you did not show up for school today. The fact that you are standing here instead of being at school, shows that the school is correct.”

“It’s not my fault. Lilliana had me awake all night. I slept late this morning.”

Jackson did understand that. The baby had been keeping everybody awake.

“Your mom and I have been awake also and made it to work. Elias, Siobhan, Cheyenne made it to school. There was no reason why you could not have suffered along with the rest of us and gone to school.”

He saw that Eric was about to say something.

“Let me finish. You cannot skip school, Eric. Those grades are important to your future. As punishment, you will be grounded for the rest of the day, and you will do extra credit work to make up for what you missed today.”

Jackson watched Eric walk away and back into the house.


06-04-17_2-21-32 AM

Eric was trying to get himself something to eat when she came in.


He cut her off without even looking at her. “I already got the lecture from Dad. I don’t need it from you also. You aren’t even my mother. So just back off and leave me alone.”

Kristi watched him walk away and sighed.

“I was only going to ask if he wanted to join the rest of us for a movie.”


06-03-17_8-49-22 PM

Knight looked at the house and sighed. He knew that they wouldn’t find his daughter here, but he wanted to let Jackson know what was going on anyway. Tianna was his sister after all. And since Kristi has connections on the streets, maybe she could keep an ear out for who had taken Tianna.

06-03-17_9-01-01 PM

Knight saw his granddaughter and smiled. She had grown into such a beautiful young woman. It made him feel old though. It wouldn’t be much longer before he would have to start buying hair die and adult diapers.

06-03-17_9-04-18 PM

He saw his son on the deck.

“Your sister is missing, Jackson. Someone took Tianna.”

He explained about the little girl watching the butterflies on the porch one second and being gone the next. Jackson promised his father to help search for her.


06-04-17_2-26-09 AM

Eric had invited his friend, Zayne, over to play some video games. They didn’t get much playing done. Zayne spent most of his time playing with Siobhan. Eric was fed up with it. Between his Dad, his step mom, and now his sister, this place was getting on his nerves. He had it.

He stuffed his backpack full with some clothes and headed out the door. Lilliana followed him to the porch watching him leave.


06-04-17_4-13-22 AM


Zayne and Siobhan had no clue Eric had left. They were too wrapped up in their own conversation to notice.


06-04-17_2-26-42 AM06-04-17_2-29-15 AM06-04-17_2-29-34 AM


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