Ch 5: Friends and Foes

Princess Simcess was in the kitchen of their tiny cottage fixing breakfast.

06-08-17_12-13-45 AM06-08-17_12-15-56 AM

They had decided not to move into the palace after their wedding. The place seemed to have a curse over it. They were hoping that by moving into the cottage the curse would be broken, but as of yet, that has not been the case.

“The pancakes will be finished in a few minutes.” Simcess called to her husband.

She sat at the breakfast bar with Adam while they shared breakfast together.

06-08-17_12-18-40 AM

“Breakfast is delicious, Darling. Thank you.”

It was still difficult for Simcess to get used to the fact that her husband would turn into a giant raccoon when he was stressed. Lately he was a raccoon more often than not. With the two of them expecting little feet around the house soon, the stress levels were on high. It wasn’t the fact that Simcess was having a baby that was doing it. It was the fact that she was having three babies.

“I am going to go talk to Stellan to see if he has any ideas on what can be done about the situation in Newcrest. That Tony guy is getting out of hand. And now there are rumors that Gaston and that idiot sidekick of his are helping him.”

Simcess put her hand on Adam’s furry arm. “Darling, you know you can’t leave the cottage when you are like this. I will go talk to Stellan.”

Stellan and Simcess have been friends since childhood. She knew that he would be willing to help if he was needed.

“I don’t like you getting involved in this. It is not safe for you. Especially right now.”

She loved that he worried so much about her safety, but she knew that he would be in even more danger if he went.

“I will be alright. I promise.


Simcess smiled when she saw her best friend. He had been expecting her so was outside waiting for her. Unfortunately his grandfather and his brother were also. She loved his grandfather, but his brother could take a long walk off a short pier.

06-08-17_12-31-14 AM

Stellan and Simcess waited until Eugene and Tucker headed inside before talking about why she was there.

06-08-17_12-31-25 AM

“I will get ahold of Edward and Henry and we can all set down and talk about what we should do. I do agree that something needs to be done before things get even worse.

06-08-17_12-31-34 AM

Stellan looked at his friend and smiled.

“You go back home and tell Adam that he needs to spoil you. It is not every day that a princess is blessed with carrying three royal babies at once.”

He hugged his friend and smiled as he watched her walk away. He knew that they all had their work cut out for them with this Tony guy.


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