Ch 6: Not giving up

06-08-17_1-45-00 AM

They hadn’t stopped looking for Tianna. Alex was checking everywhere she could possibly be while Knight was checking in with the family. There was one family member that Alex planned to visit himself.

Alex ran through the park on his way to Tony’s house across town. He watched the families there with their own children hoping to catch Tianna with one of them. No such luck though.

If she wasn’t with Tony, he didn’t know where else to look for her. They had already searched everywhere else.

06-08-17_5-55-00 PM

“We have been expecting you. I am actually surprised that it took you this long to show up.”

Tony was in the kitchen with his wife and son when Alex barged in.

“I guess since little Tianna isn’t as famous as Jackson, she isn’t as important. Just a second thought of two freaks.”

Alex tried very hard to control his temper. He really did not want to kill Tony while Chiandra and Anthony were in the room.

“Where is she?”

Tony shook his head and grinned.

“She’s not here. Feel free to look around if you wish. The only child you will find here is my son.

Alex searched the house and found no sign of Tianna having been there. He went back to the kitchen.

06-08-17_5-55-22 PM

“If I found out that you had anything to do with her disappearance, I will kill you.”


06-08-17_5-23-42 PM

Back at the house, Alex found Knight setting in Tianna’s room.

“No sign of her at Tony’s. I searched the entire place.”

06-08-17_5-26-57 PM

Knight had hoped they would find her at Tony’s. He knew that his father/uncle would never hurt her. At least he hoped anyway.

“We will find her, Knight. We will find her.”

06-08-17_5-24-52 PM


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