Ch 7: Breaking news and breaking down

06-08-17_9-37-42 PM

The day had started off great. Zayne and Siobhan had spent the day working on the nursery for their little ones and discussing names. It was lunchtime before they took a break.

06-08-17_8-18-58 PM

While Zane cleaned up, Siobhan decided to check her iPad to see if anything interesting had happened in the world that morning.

She dropped the iPad and ran to the bedroom where Zayne had just changed out of his paint covered clothes. She ran into his arms surprising him.

06-08-17_9-39-22 PM

Zayne could feel her body shaking from the sobs and it worried him. “What’s wrong?”

It took her several minutes before she calmed down enough to tell him about the article.

“I need to go see Dad and my grandfathers.”

She stopped next door at her Dad’s house first, but nobody was home. They were probably on their way to her grandfathers’ house,or they hadn’t heard yet. She headed there next.

06-08-17_8-35-40 PM

She gave her grandpops a tight hug.

“Do they know yet? Is it her?”

He shook his head. “Not yet. Your father and grandfather are there now trying to get an update.”

06-08-17_8-34-24 PM

She stayed with her grandpop for awhile to make sure he was going to be okay. She was worried about what he would do if it did turn out to be Tianna.



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