Ch 8: Moving on

The loss of Tianna was hard on everyone. When she was still listed as missing, it was easy to keep hoping she was out there. Now all hope was gone. It was rough. Knight and Alex had shut themselves off from everybody at the moment. They didn’t want anybody to visit them, and they didn’t leave the house.

Jackson worried about his fathers and it was affecting his own home life. He rarely spent any time with his wife or children. Instead he was spending his time in the gym.

06-10-17_10-05-50 AM

Kristi was trying to make up for it by spending time with Lilliana and the other kids, but she could only do so much.

06-10-17_10-10-13 AM

With Lilliana being a daddy’s girl, she was finding this hard to deal with.

06-10-17_10-06-30 AM

Even Eric had stopped by the house to check on everybody. He still won’t move back home, but at least his dad now knows he’s okay. He prefers talking to Elias over Jackson though.

06-10-17_11-09-37 AM

Things had even been tense next door at Siobhan’s house. It seems that there has been some tension between Zayne and his father.

“Zayne will you put some damn clothes on?”

Zayne rolled his eyes and ignored his dad like he had been doing every time the subject came up.

06-09-17_10-01-44 PM

“You have a child coming any time. You are not working. Siobhan is not working, but at least she is still going to school. It is time for you to grow up and start acting like an adult, Zayne. You are a married man and soon to be a father.”

“Just back off, Dad. You have this same conversation every day. It is getting old.”

“So is having your sweaty balls all over the furniture. At least put some damn underwear on.”

“I am looking into colleges, Dad.” He was tired of having this argument with his dad. It was the same thing every day. “I do not like underwear. They are too restricting. I tell you this every day, Dad. I’m starting to think that age is catching up to you.”

Lucas felt the anger building up inside him. He had taken enough of Zayne’s crap lately and was done. “You want to act like a child, I will treat you like one. You are grounded.”

Zayne could not stop himself from laughing at that. He was an adult and his father was really going to try to ground him. “Nice try, old man.”

06-09-17_10-00-27 PM06-09-17_10-00-42 PM

It was a yell from Siobhan that got the attention of the two men and stopped the fight.

“The baby is coming!”

Zayne ran to her side and quickly got dressed. His father should be happy about that. He took Siobhan to the hospital, but she was the one that had to do the driving. Zayne was too busy freaking out.

06-09-17_10-31-30 PM

Zayne saw the doctor and started freaking out even more. “OMG You are that singing Josh Groban. When did you become a doctor? What kind of bull shit world is this?”

Siobhan wasn’t even paying attention to her husband at this point. She was more worried that it would be her mother delivering her baby. She would prefer the singing doctor.

06-09-17_10-33-07 PM

Thankfully it was not her mother delivering her child. That would have been weird since they never really talk anymore. Why her mother was even there the day after popping out her own spawn is beyond her.

06-09-17_10-36-49 PM06-09-17_10-37-15 PM

As soon as Siobhan held Jakob in her arms and looked into his tiny face, nothing else mattered. All that mattered was that little boy in her arms.

“Welcome to this crazy world, my little Jakob Rosebrook.”



4 thoughts on “Ch 8: Moving on

  1. LOL Siobhan’s reaction to the only two available doctors. I love Josh Groban! His voice is amazing. ❤️
    He became a doctor here, I’m dead lmaoo 😂And my God, Zayne nooo 😂

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