Ch 10: It’s Not Fair

06-14-17_11-40-22 PM

Once again she had to listen to Anthony’s stories about what he had done at school that day. She was beginning to think that he enjoyed telling her about school to make her feel bad. She was home schooled and never got to experience the things Anthony told her about. The only friends she had were the ones that her Uncle Tony let come over to the house. They were the kids of the people who worked for him. All of them went to school with Anthony. It wasn’t fair that she wasn’t allowed to go also.

“Anthony stop picking on your cousin.”

“Yes, Pops.”

They both watched Anthony leave the room. Probably to go be mean to someone else. It seemed to be his favorite game.

06-14-17_11-32-38 PM

“Uncle Tony, why can’t I go to school with Anthony, Alejandra, Gunnar, and Max?”

“We’ve had this talk before, Little One. You are needed here. I have important plans for you. If I send you to school with the others, those plans will be ruined.”

06-14-17_11-31-50 PM

“Why won’t you tell me about these plans, Uncle Tony? How do I know that I am not doing something to ruin them if I don’t know what they are?”

“I will tell you when the time is right. I promise.”

She still was not happy with all of this, but she knew that it was useless to argue with him about it. He always got what he wanted.

06-14-17_11-30-54 PM

She gave her Uncle Tony a hug. Even though she didn’t always understand or like the way things were going, she did love her uncle. He had raised her from the time she was a couple years old and her parents gave her up for adoption. He had always been kind to her and made sure she never needed or wanted anything. Well except for this one thing. She wanted to go to school with her cousin and her friends.

06-14-17_11-37-12 PM

She went into the other room to be alone. She needed to think on what she could do to change Uncle Tony’s mind. She needed to go to school with the others.


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