Character Update

This is just to give an update on some of the various characters in the game. I have turned aging back on so things have changed a bit. People have died, gotten married, moved out, had kids…  MCCC has been busy.

Elias Day

06-15-17_1-23-25 PM

Elias and Emily have gotten married. They are currently living with Emily’s parents and expecting their first child.

06-15-17_1-25-59 PM

Emily’s mom (Christina) and step father (the singing doctor, Josh Groban, lol) are also expecting. It is the second kid for him and third for her.

06-15-17_1-28-39 PM

Emily’s sister, Alana is still single and not pregnant.

The Rosebrooks

06-15-17_2-12-13 PM

Mariana and Jonas are still hanging around. They are about a million years old by now. Actually the game says Mariana has been alive 146 days and Jonas for 136 days now. That’s a pretty long time for a sim, but I did have my aging off for awhile. I am hoping they stick around a bit longer.

06-15-17_2-15-13 PM

Toby and Collette still look pretty good. They are a few days away from becoming elders though.

These are the only four still living in the house. Updates on the others are coming.

The Knights

06-15-17_3-03-18 PM

Eugene is still hanging around which I think it great. The game says he has been alive for 111 days now. He shows no signs of leaving any time soon.

06-15-17_3-05-35 PM

Stellan married someone that a few readers may recognize from the Newcrests Top Model Contest. Brooklynn Swan is now Brooklynn Knight. She is pregnant…again.

06-15-17_3-06-21 PM

Silly Dalton is the son of Stellan and Brooklynn. He has been fun to play with. He is so goofy.

06-15-17_4-21-59 PM

Tucker has also gotten married. His wife’s name is Kendra. They now live in a small apartment with their daughter, Myla. It will be revealed in the story why he was forced to leave his home with his brother and grandfather.

06-15-17_4-19-34 PM

The Royal Family

06-15-17_3-23-18 PM06-15-17_3-22-41 PM

Prince Adam and Princess Simcess have their hands full with their three boys, MacKenzie, Jaron, and Ezekiel. The boys all look exactly alike. The only way to tell them apart is by their clothing. I am hoping that one of them goes thru the bear phase. It would be perfect with Prince Adam’s tendency to turn into a raccoon.

Lucas Rosebrook

06-15-17_3-40-34 PM

Lucas apparently got tired of Zayne’s constant nudity and moved out. He married a girl almost as young as his son. Lucas and Candy have a daughter named Zara.

06-15-17_3-41-23 PM

Marco Bello

06-15-17_12-41-40 PM

Marco is another one who married one of my girls from the Newcrest Top Model contest. He is happily married to Paisley and they have an adorable daughter named Alejandra. Paisley is also pregnant once again.

06-15-17_12-35-30 PM

Alejandra is good friends with Jackson’s daughter, Cheyenne. This is going to cause some interesting drama soon.

Kyle Richardson

06-15-17_11-49-45 AM06-15-17_11-46-53 AM

Kyle and Scarlett Richardson are expecting their second child. They son, Gunnar, is unsure how he feels about being a big brother. Hopefully he figures it out soon. Maybe hanging out with Cheyenne and Alejandra will help him.

Clara Rosebrook

06-15-17_11-25-52 AM

Clara managed to snag herself a young stud named Casey Chambers. They have a set of twins, Roxana and Christopher.

06-15-17_11-26-48 AM

Winter Zbornak

06-15-17_10-10-57 AM06-15-17_10-35-08 AM

Winter is once again a single mother. Her husband, Stanley, died the day before Royce and Colt were born. The question is, will she be around to see Rosemary and the boys grow up?

Jocelyn Rosebrook

06-15-17_8-44-48 PM

Like Clara, Jocelyn found herself a younger man. He is actually a Sim I made of my now ex-boyfriend. She is helping Robert raise his daughter, Skylar, along with their son, Elijah.

06-15-17_8-46-36 PM

My SimSelf

06-15-17_5-33-59 PM06-15-17_5-25-00 PM

My SimSelf’s parents died leaving behind the youngest two of their seven children (all girls). I moved them in with my SimSelf. Jessie is a beautiful teenager, and Sophia is a rotten little shit  sweet little angel.


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