Ch 11: Making plans

Simcess and Adam had talked about what they could do about Tony Richardson. The man was out of control. It was bad enough that he had already taken control of Newcrest, but now he was starting to branch out into the other nearby towns.

While out on a walk, Simcess had run into Marco Bello. She knew that he worked for Tony so she tried to avoid him, but he was having no part of it.

06-15-17_12-39-53 PM

“Tell that friend of yours, Stellan what’s his name, that his brother is a dead man. The boss is not happy with him right now.

Simcess had no clue what the man was talking about, but he seemed pretty upset.

06-15-17_12-40-49 PM

She tried to reason with him, but he wouldn’t listen.

“Just tell him that he needs to keep his mouth shut. This will be his only warning.


06-15-17_4-45-06 PM

When Stellan found out that Tucker was working for Tony, he kicked them all out. Tucker, Kendra, and their daughter. Thankfully they were able to find an apartment in the city. It wasn’t as nice as the home they had with his brother and grandfather, but it was better than the streets.

“That bitch is going to pay. You know she talked Stellan into kicking us out.

“Tucker, your language please.”

06-15-17_4-45-47 PM

He looked at their daughter and sighed.

“It’s not like she doesn’t hear it enough thru the walls of this damn place. Hell, if you listen carefully you can probably hear that poor young boy drooling over that boss of his as he sniffs her panties.”

“Tucker! Please!”

He rolled his eyes then winked at his daughter.

“Just pretend you didn’t hear any of that, Sweetheart.”

06-15-17_4-45-39 PM

“Don’t worry, Dad. It is nothing compared to what I hear coming out of you and mom when you are alone in your bedroom.



06-16-17_4-09-53 PM

As promised, Stellan managed to get together some of the more influential people from each of the towns. Well, at least the ones he thought would be able to do the most good in bringing down Tony.

06-16-17_4-07-37 PM

It was a bit of an odd mix. There was Edward and Henry who some say were distant relatives. Must be very distant since they look nothing alike. They were there because as mayors of their own towns, it is important that they know what is going on and be able to try to help fix it.

There was Alex Day. He was the father of the little girl whose body had been found in the river. There was rumors that Tony had a part in it, but nobody had been able to prove it yet. Alex had also worked for Tony at one time and as part of Tony’s family, he may be the best person to gain access to the low-life man.

There was Alex’s daughter-in-law. It is rumored that she works in a similar manner as Tony, yet not with him. She may be able to get some information on what Tony is doing that nobody else can get.

Then there are Stellan and Simcess; the two who brought this group together.

06-16-17_4-10-40 PM06-16-17_4-12-00 PM

The group spent some time getting to know each other and discussing the best way to bring Tony down. Once they had a plan and everybody knew what they would be doing, they all headed back home to get ready to plan into action.

06-16-17_4-11-16 PM




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