End of week 2

Week one was mostly just Axel doing a lot of collecting of plants and rocks to earn his first $500 and Rose moving in. Week 2 has seen some progress.

06-20-17_1-16-11 PM

Axel has finally cooked something without setting things on fire.

06-20-17_12-45-06 PM06-20-17_12-55-57 PM

The lack of privacy is getting out of hand.

06-20-17_12-55-12 PM

Every time Zayne started to sing, Axel and Rose would go into the tent. It was funny.

06-20-17_12-53-43 PM

Axel and Rose really LOVE their tent.

06-20-17_2-13-01 PM

The bathroom now has semi-privacy. 2 1/2 walls gives some shelter, I guess.

These pictures speak for themselves.


2 thoughts on “End of week 2

  1. OMG…I am so glad you are punishing Axel!!!! Sorry Trip of you read this. Tee hee! The panty chapter should haunt everyone’s dreams…lol…

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