Weeks 3, 4, and 5

Axel hard at work on his writing.

06-20-17_3-35-39 PM

Time to become parents. Look who the doctor is.

06-20-17_5-22-49 PM06-20-17_5-26-43 PM

Axel having a snack while Rose is in the delivery room.

06-20-17_5-27-10 PM

Welcome Alexia

06-20-17_5-29-08 PM

Axel still collecting for his family.

06-20-17_6-37-04 PM

An upgrade to the house.

06-20-17_6-47-50 PM

Axel doing his daddy duties.

06-20-17_6-48-55 PM06-20-17_6-49-04 PM

Alexia growing up and having fun.

06-20-17_10-12-32 PM

Axel is truly turning out to be a good daddy.

06-20-17_10-16-29 PM06-20-17_10-19-24 PM06-20-17_10-20-23 PM06-20-17_10-57-37 PM

Had to grab this screen shot when I saw who was in it. Zayne and Alex Rosebrook with my SimSelf’s dad. This actually made me smile. My dad really did love fishing.

06-21-17_5-08-07 PM

Alex spending quality time with Alexia.

06-21-17_9-56-32 PM

No time was wasted working on the next kid.

06-22-17_1-25-15 PM

A few more upgrades to the living space.

06-22-17_1-38-10 PM

The goal of the Rosebud Challenge is to have the family reach a net worth of $1,000,000. The current status of this family is $69,979.


5 thoughts on “Weeks 3, 4, and 5

  1. Ahhh, Trip is reading this…well at least he did get to get someone pregnant!!!! And Winter….you have all the good, the bad and the ugly sims.

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