Everything on Hold

All updates for both the Rosebud Challenge and Pieces of Time are on hold. I am stepping away from both game saves for the time being. It is for the safety of the Sim characters in the games. Something happened in my RL family that has my mind completely messed up right now. For now, if I play the game, it will be only with random Sims that I don’t mind killing off when the mood strikes.

Just a little bit of what it was that happened that has me in this mood.

Last year, my cousin found out that she had stage 3 colon cancer. She went through many months of chemo. Her last one was a few months ago. Thursday she went to her doctor for her 3 month check up. Her blood work was off so they sent her to the hospital. After tests and scans, they found that the cancer wasn’t gone. Instead it had spread to her stomach, intestines, and liver. Her doctors told her that there is nothing else they can do for her. We are now waiting for approval for a new drug for her to try to see if that will help her. As of right now, it is just a matter of time for her. She’s only 34 years old. Way too young to be going through all of this.

Today has been a rough day. A lot of tears and sadness. Until I can get my head straightened out again and get out of this depressed funk I’m in, no Sim is safe.


8 thoughts on “Everything on Hold

    1. Thank you, Pammie! She has an appointment at one of the best cancer centers in the country on the 17th. We are hoping for some news that gives us hope. All of the doctors here in town are saying they can’t do anything and it is just a matter of time.


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