Ch 8: Moving on

The loss of Tianna was hard on everyone. When she was still listed as missing, it was easy to keep hoping she was out there. Now all hope was gone. It was rough. Knight and Alex had shut themselves off from everybody at the moment. They didn’t want anybody to visit them, and they didn’t … More Ch 8: Moving on

Baby Boom

There was a pretty big baby boom this morning in my game. Here are some of the babies that will be growing up together in my story. The Royal Princes Ezekiel, Jaron, and Mackenzie (yes Mackenzie is a boy) My SimSelfie’s surprise new sister, Sophia. Rosemary Zbornak, daughter of Stanley and Winter Jakob Rosebrook, son … More Baby Boom

Ch 6: Not giving up

They hadn’t stopped looking for Tianna. Alex was checking everywhere she could possibly be while Knight was checking in with the family. There was one family member that Alex planned to visit himself. Alex ran through the park on his way to Tony’s house across town. He watched the families there with their own children … More Ch 6: Not giving up

Ch 3: I Do…

Zayne told his father about his plans to marry Siobhan. It was not a great conversation. “You are both too young.” “Dad, my birthday is tomorrow. I will be an adult by the time of the wedding. Siobhan’s birthday is coming soon also.” Even though Zayne had a point about their ages, he still didn’t … More Ch 3: I Do…