Ch 12: The Beginning and the Ending

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“You are going to see him again, aren’t you?” Kristi had known for awhile that Jessie had been sneaking out of the house at night and going to see her scumsucker boyfriend. “Don’t go, Jessie. You don’t know what this man is like. He is not a good guy.”

“So you keep telling me, yet you cannot, or will not, tell me one thing he has done to make you say that.”

“How about the fact that he is married? That should be enough to make you stop and rethink whatever it is you think you feel for him.”

Jessie had heard this from her sister many times already. She was getting tired of the argument. “He loves me, Kristi. We have talked about getting married. He says that once his wife dies, we can be together and have a big wedding.”

Kristi tried hard not to laugh at how stupid her sister was being about this. “His wife is younger than he is and healthy. Unless she has some kind of “accident,” she isn’t dying any time soon.”

“He’s waiting for me. We can finish this conversation tomorrow when I go to see him again.” She left her sister standing on the porch.


06-19-17_7-59-04 PM

Jessie stood outside Tony’s house. The sun had come up during her walk there. Like many times before, she timed her visits for when Chiandra was not at home.

She went inside the house and called out for him. “Tony?”

“I’m in the living room, Jess.”

She smiled when she saw him there waiting for her, but the smile didn’t last long.

“Jess, we need to talk.”

Those words never meant anything good.

06-19-17_8-09-14 PM

“This has got to stop, Jess. I can’t have you coming here any longer.”

She frowned when she heard his words. “What…. Why? What did I do to upset you?” She tried to kiss him to make him change his mind, but he pushed her away. It was the first time he had ever pushed her away and she could feel her heart breaking.

06-19-17_8-07-42 PM

“You know that I care about you, Jess, but we can’t keep sneaking around like this. It isn’t right. I love my wife and son. I’m not going to leave them for you or anybody else.”

She couldn’t believe he was doing this. After all the time they had spent together and all the things he had promised her. “Tony, please… don’t do this.”

“You are still young, Jess. You have time to find someone else who will love you and only you.” He hated seeing the tears streaming down her cheeks. He hated seeing people cry. Well, unless they were his enemies and he was making them beg for mercy.

“I’m sorry, Jess. This is how it has to be. I ask that you don’t come back here.”


Jessie took her time heading home. She didn’t want her sister to see her like this and give her that whole cliche “I told you so” bullshit. She already knew that her sister was upset with her about Tony and still had a lot of things to say about it. She just wasn’t ready to hear it yet.

Suddenly a thought popped into her head. She did have something she needed to tell her sister about. It was something she had seen while there the last time. She had thought it was strange, but didn’t say anything about it.

Her sister was waiting for her when she got home. Just as expected, Kristi gave her the lecture about Tony and the problems with seeing him.

“I know. I know. It’s wrong. You don’t have to worry about it though. I won’t be seeing him again. There is something I need to talk to you about though.”

She told her sister about the young girl that she had seen there. “She’s around the same age as Lilianna and calls him Uncle Tony. I heard her asking him why he won’t let her go to school with the other kids. He told her that he had big plans for her and they would be messed up if she went to school. It was a strange conversation.”

Kristi thought about that. There was only one person that it could be. Tianna. The girl had been declared dead though. She wasn’t going to tell Jackson or anybody outside of the group about it until they knew for sure who the girl was.


Blooper: While Jessie and Kristi were talking, look who walked past. Tianna.

07-09-17_1-08-06 PM


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