Ch 13: The Homecoming

Kristi gathered the group together to discuss what Jessie had told her. Instead of meeting at her house like last time, they met at Princess Simcess and Prince Adam’s house. Thankfully he was having a good day and was in his normal form and not that of the stressed out raccoon.

Kristi spent a lot of time with her father-in-law discussing the girl at Tony’s house and who it could be. They both had the same thoughts about it.

They all knew that it could be dangerous to go in there after the girl. Especially if they went in alone.

“We should call Officer Sweet. Do this the legal way and finally put him behind bars.”

It was no surprise that it was Princess Simcess that said that. She was the only one of the group who did not have some sort of shady, secretive past.

Edward was rumored to have poisoned a few women after he tired of them. Henry had three wives mysteriously disappear. Prince Adam had a pretty nasty temper. His raccoon persona could even have rabies for all any of them knew. Alex worked for Tony at one time. And well, Kristi did much of the same type of work as Tony, just not with him. And she definitely would never stoop so low as to kidnap the young child of a family member…or anybody else.

Alex looked at Princess Simcess and shook his head. “The police have messed up every step of the way so far. If this girl is Tianna like we all think, then Knight and I buried somebody else’s child. My daughter is still in the hands of a killer. I cannot rely on the police to do the right thing this time.”

Alex did have a good point, and even Princess Simcess had to admit that.

“Let’s not do this alone. We all go together. We all have people working for us that can back us up against him.”

They all agreed to meet the next day to work out the details.


07-09-17_9-38-32 PM

Alex went home and told Knight what happened at the meeting.

“Tianna may be alive?”

“Yes. Kristi thinks the girl Jessie saw at Tony’s is Tianna. Our baby may be coming home soon.”

Knight looked at his husband.

“Don’t go after her yourself. I know that is what you want to do right now, but please don’t. You know how dangerous Tony can be. Listen to the others and go together.”

He could see the worry in Knight’s eyes. As much as he wanted to go get their daughter right then, he couldn’t do that to Knight.

He followed Knight into the house.


07-09-17_10-01-42 PM

Even thought it was two in the morning, the house was still light like a Christmas tree. Didn’t this man ever sleep. The person had been standing outside for a couple hours hoping the family would go to bed soon. There was work that needed to be done, and it would be much easier to do without the entire house awake. Time was running out though. This couldn’t wait any longer.

It did not take long to find the girl and confirm that it was indeed Tianna Day. Once she was taken out of the house and sent on her way home to her father’s there was one thing still left to do. Deal with Tony.


“Poppa? Daddy?”

Knight heard the voice and went around the house searching for it. He stopped when he saw the little blond girl. “Tianna…”

07-09-17_10-39-53 PM


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