Ch 14: Raccoons and Karaoke

07-11-17_4-31-08 PM

The Spice District wasn’t what he was used to, but it was now home. After his former boss had caught him stealing her underwear for his own private pleasures, things had changed. It was nice for awhile, but it wasn’t what he had hoped it would be. For his own sanity, and the sanity of his family and friends, he left. Now he was in the Spice District with nowhere to go and nowhere to sleep. There was the benches in the park, but after what he saw there earlier, he was reluctant to even blink in the area, let alone sleep.

06-18-17_5-17-07 PM

He had heard that the raccoons were big in the area, but this was ridiculous. Let’s not even discuss the fact that the raccoon told him that his name was Prince Adam Le Pew. Yes, the raccoon talked. It was like some mutant creature that should be in a lab somewhere being tested.

There was no way he was sleeping around this place if the raccoons were large enough to eat him as an appetizer. No way!

Axel looked around the area and was relieved to see a karaoke bar that was open. He could call his friend, Zayne, from inside there where it was safe and see if he had an extra bed or a couch he could crash on for a few days. He just needed to find somewhere to stay long enough for him to arrange a flight back home to his family in Windenberg.

07-11-17_5-47-01 PM

He sat at the bar and sent Zayne a message after he didn’t answer his phone. He had some time to kill while he waited for Zayne’s reply. He ordered himself a drink to kill time and to hopefully forget about that giant talking raccoon.

07-11-17_5-48-33 PM

He couldn’t help noticing the woman setting beside him. She didn’t even come close to his former boss, but she was cute, in a not-Thu sort of way. He ordered a drink for her and they sat talking a bit. He found out that she had recently moved to the area and had an apartment nearby. He also learned that she had also recently lost her job after an affair with her boss ended with the bosses wife finding out. It was almost like they were the same person in different bodies.

07-11-17_5-49-43 PM

They drank and talked for quite awhile. Axel was able to relax after several drinks and the fact that he was homeless didn’t matter for those few hours. He remembered that she told him his name, but there was no way he would ever be able to tell anybody what it was. Maybe when he was sober.

By the end of the night, Axel had forgotten that he was trying to get a hold of Zayne. If anybody asked, he probably would have said “Zayne who?” There was only one thought in his head and it wasn’t his former bosses underwear, and he wouldn’t be spending the night alone.



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