Ch 16: Confused (Anthony Jr)

I learned a few things today. First, don’t fight with our butler. She can kick some pretty serious ass. I’m still feeling dazed from that one.

07-14-17_5-54-17 PM

Second, watching my mom try to be strong when I know she misses my dad is rough.

07-14-17_6-14-39 PM

Third, I really miss my best friend. I haven’t always been very nice to her, especially lately, but she has been in my life since we were learning to poop together. I always thought that she was my sister. I didn’t know what Dad had done until the night he died.

I blamed Tiana for awhile. It was her dad that killed my dad after all. But now I miss her. I know that what happened wasn’t her fault. I feel bad for everything she is going through right now too. She had loved my dad and saw what her dad did to him. Then she lost both her dads so soon afterwards. I’m sure she is having a hard time dealing with all of that. I mean, I know I am and I only have to deal with losing one person. Well, technically, one of Tiana’s dads is my cousin but I never knew him, so that doesn’t count as my loss, right? Tiana lost three dads. That has to be terrible for her.

I wish I could tell her that I am sorry and be her friend again. I did actually try once.

07-14-17_5-24-52 PM

I went to her house to talk to her, but it was in the middle of the night. She was probably asleep so I didn’t even knock on the door.

I would talk to Mom about it, but she’s still too sad about Dad. I don’t want to make it worse by talking about Tiana. I know she loves her though. She was her mom for a lot of years.

For now, the only person I can really talk to about any of this is Blarfy. He is a good listener.

07-14-17_5-07-24 PM

At least until I remember how much Tiana loved Blarfy. Then I just get angry again about everything that happened.

07-14-17_5-08-32 PM

Maybe someday we can be friends again. I hope so at least. I really do miss my best friend.


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