Ch 18: Busted and Broken (Myla Knight)

07-15-17_5-09-22 PM

Today has gone from bad to worse. It started this morning when I woke up not feeling well. Mom and Dad let me stay home from school. Mom said she would take me to see the doctor when she got home from work. My plans was just to curl up on the couch and watch some TV and work on some homework so I didn’t get too behind.

Those plans changed when my boyfriend called asking if he could stop over. He said he needed to talk to me about something. He had stopped over a lot lately to talk so I didn’t suspect anything was up. He probably just wanted to talk about how much he missed his dad again.

I should have known when he showed up that something was different, but I guess I missed the signs. We can blame it on being sick.

As usual, one of our first stops was the bedroom. That had pretty normal for us since we took our relationship from childhood friends to dating. Sex first, talk after.

07-15-17_5-30-10 PM

What we didn’t expect was my father to catch us. I had thought he had left for work and we were clear, but I guess he had come back for something he forgot. It probably wasn’t a good idea for us to use Mom and Dad’s bedroom either.

07-15-17_5-34-09 PM

Boy did the two of us get a lecture about being 15 and having sex. It was a bit embarrassing.

07-15-17_5-34-46 PM

Dad didn’t seem to be mad at us. He said all this stuff about being concerned and not wanting us to have any surprises come along that would make us grow up faster than we should.

Then Anthony said something that I wasn’t expecting. He said that it was just break up sex. That hurt.

Who in the fuck does break up sex? Apparently Mr. Anthony Richardson Jr. does. There’s a warning for you girls. He’s a jerk. A grade-A, sexy jerk!

Thankfully Dad was still there with a shoulder for me to cry on after the jerk left.

07-15-17_5-36-52 PM


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