Character Update 2

There has been a lot that has happened with the characters since the last update. Some of it has been told in the chapters. Most has been untold. Here is the chance to find out who has grown older, who has died, and who is having babies.

The Royal Family

Prince Adam and Princess Simcess Le Pew have been pretty busy in recent chapters. They were part of the group that was working to take down Tony Richardson. Their home life had been just as busy. The triplets are now teenagers. There is also a new addition to the family: an adorable little girl named Krystal who loves to chat with everybody.

07-16-17_2-40-10 AMKrystal, Princess Simcess, and Ezekiel07-16-17_2-41-45 AMPrince Adam07-16-17_2-41-59 AMJaron07-16-17_2-42-21 AMMacKenzie

Stellan Knight and Family

Stellan was also a part of the group that worked to take down Tony. His family has had several changes since the update. His grandfather has passed away. Both of his brothers have married and moved out of the house. Tucker was actually forced to move out by Stellan after it was revealed that Tucker was working with Tony. Stellan’s son, Dalton, has grown into a teenager now and is doing well with school. He is no long child. Brooklyn has added twins, Zachery and Marlee, to the family.

07-16-17_3-35-58 AM07-16-17_11-06-28 AM07-16-17_3-44-09 AM

Chiandra and Anthony Richardson

Since the loss of Tony, his wife and son have been surviving. Anthony has been doing is best to take care of his mother. Thankfully his father left them a large bank account. He is able to finish school without having to transfer out of his private school. He also doesn’t need to get a job while in school and can focus on his homework. The biggest problem facing Anthony is if he will finish what his father started or go in a different, more legal, direction.

07-16-17_12-43-05 PM07-16-17_12-41-51 PM

Winter Zbornak

Winter is still hanging around. After losing her husband, Stanley, her son, Eric, moved back in with her to help her take care of the kids. It has thrown a wrench into Eric’s relationship with his father, but they do still talk, even if it isn’t as much as it used to be. Eric has enjoyed getting to spend time with his younger sister (Rosemary) and little brothers (Royce and Colt).

Zayne and Siobhan Rosebrook

Zayne and Siobhan have been living a relatively easy life. Their oldest child, Jakob, has grown into a handsome young man. Their daughter, Grace, is the apple of her parents eye.

The Groban Family

The singing doctor, Josh, has passed away. Sadly it was before his wife, Christina. gave birth to their last child, Lacey. His first grandson, Christopher was also born after he had passed. Christina is happy to still have her daughter Emily, and Emily’s husband, Elias, living with her. They have been a big help taking care of the new baby. If you want to see the newborns, scroll up. They all look the same.

Jessie Spinks

My SimSelf’s little sister has some big things going on in her life. It was her affair with Tony Richardson that started a chain of events that changed life in Newcrest for many families. She decided to spend a couple weeks with a friend, Annabella Andrews, while she decided what she was going to do next in her life. There are some big things coming up for, Jessie. Jessie just made her debut in Dreams & Drama Neighborhood Rotation. Please check it out and see what is going on over there. It is a great story. Who knows how long Jessie will be there though? Maybe one chapter. Maybe more. I’m sure she’ll shine in however many she is going to be in. Jessie is the redhead by the way.

07-15-17_11-41-32 PM

Axel Hahn

Axel has made his way into the story. After being fired and kicked out from his previous employer’s home, he found himself wandering the streets of the Spice District. His first meeting with Prince Adam Le Pew left Axel scarred for life and slightly afraid of raccoons. While waiting for his friend, Zayne, at a karaoke club, Axel met a girl named Oumaima. A few drinks led back to her apartment and a new pair of panties for Axel’s collection. The question is, was this a one night stand or will there be more from these two in later chapters?

Jackson Day and Family

Things have been rough for Jackson and his family. Jackson’s fathers, Alex and Knight, both passed on. His sister, Tiana, moved in with them. The relationship between the two hasn’t been easy, but they are working on it. Jackson is the only male living in a house with five females. Four of which are teenagers. The drama is never ending in this house.

Jackson, Kristi
Cheyenne, Liliana
Jackson’s sister Tiana, Kristi’s sister, Sofia


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