Ch 21: Big Mistake

Listen up, kids. Drunk sex is not good sex. It may feel good at the time, but trust me, it’s not good. Let me tell you why I say this.

A few months ago, I met a pretty hot woman at a karaoke bar.

07-11-17_5-49-43 PM

We had a few drinks and went back to her place. One thing led to another.

Fast forward to last week. I met a really hot girl named Jessie, once again at a karaoke bar, and headed back to her place. Well it wasn’t her place since she is just in town visiting a friend.

07-17-17_4-28-34 PM

We never made it inside the apartment. It turns out that her friend is neighbors to the first woman. Guess who was just getting home from wherever she had been at that time of the night…morning…whatever time it was.

That wasn’t the worst of the night. That first woman, Oumaima, told me that I’m going to be a dad. Not just any dad, though. A dad to twins.

Well after a long discussion that involved her moving back to her home country so her parents could help her raise the babies, and trying to come up with other solutions that would keep her here so I could see my kids, we ended up at the park.

So now I’m married to a woman I really do not know who is pregnant with my kids.

So here we are now. Two strangers who met in a bar, had drunk sex, and are now stuck. Learn from this, kids. Do not drink and fuck.


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