Ch 22: Functional Family Life (Zayne Rosebrook)

Nobody’s life is perfect, but I have to say mine is pretty damn close. I have a beautiful wife that I love and adore. I have two amazing children that I enjoy spending time with.

Jakob is on his highschool’s football team. Not the quarterback or anything like that, but that is fine. He is just happy to play. He is getting straight B’s in school which is great also. Not as great as A’s, but it is better than C’s, so Siobhan and I are happy with that. We have discussed what he would like to do after he finishes high school, but he has not decided yet. That is fine. He still has a few years to figure it out. I am in no hurry to have him grow up and move on. I enjoy having a son around the house to hang out with.

07-18-17_12-54-31 AM

Grace is just a pleasure to have around. She is as beautiful as her mother and one of the sweetest little girls. She is so smart. Much smarter than I ever was. Unlike other kids her age who enjoys playing video games, she would much rather read books or work on her tablet. Don’t think of her as one of those stereotypical nerds though. She has a lot of friends and does enjoy playing at the playground with them.

07-18-17_12-58-35 AM

I couldn’t wish for a better family than the one I have. Even my father and I are getting along better than we had before. I have siblings now! Dad and his new wife are popping the kids out like crazy. That is fine. My kids can grow up with their aunts and uncles. Maybe that will let them have a close bond with them like I had with my Aunt Jocelyn.

Speaking of my aunt, she recently left us. We had grown close after I lost my mom and grandpa. She was like a second mom to me for a long time. It was hard losing her, but I know it was harder on her husband and kids. I will try to be a good cousin to them and tell them lots of stories of their mom and what she was like when I was a little brat.


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