Ch 26: Trapped (Axel Hahn)

I don’t know anything about being a father. From what I’m seeing on the internet, it looks like everybody agrees with me. My twins are screwed.

07-22-17_7-59-03 PM

Having Oumaima as their mother isn’t good either. She doesn’t exactly like children. All she has been doing is complaining about how she can’t wait until they are grown and move out. I could help her speed up the moving out part if she didn’t threaten to take the girls back to her home country every time divorce is even mentioned. She’s bitch enough to do it too.

07-22-17_7-59-51 PM

So I do just what I need to do to make her think I like being here with her. It keeps me with the girls, even if it does my stomach churn each time I’m forced to touch my wife.

07-22-17_8-33-06 PM

Abby and Lacie are great girls though. I just wish they had….no she isn’t their mother. She is my past. She made that clear. Oumaima and the girls are my now. They are my family, like it or not.

07-22-17_8-36-32 PM

Abby loves to give hugs, yet she refuses to give them to her mother. That secretly makes me very happy. Even she knows that her mom is no good. Lacie, on the other hand, will give hugs to everybody. She’s not as picky as her sister. I’m hoping she will grow out of that before her teenage years, or she just may be home-schooled and receive a chastity belt for one of her birthdays.

07-22-17_8-44-59 PM

Lacie is such a smart little girl. While Abby has a vivid imagination and can often be found playing with her toys and making up stories in her toddler babble, Lacie would prefer to play with her blocks or work on flash cards. Both of my girls are unique and special little girls. I just hope that soon I can get them away from their egg donor before she causes them too much damage.


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