Ch 27: Not The Mama (Rosemary Zbornak)

When I was younger I thought that my sister’s treatment of our mother was wrong. Siobhan rarely talks to her and when she does, it usually ends in fighting. I couldn’t understand why she hated Mom so much. Now that I am older, I can understand it a bit more.

Our mother really sucks at being a mom.

07-23-17_12-32-12 AM

I didn’t realize how much Dad did for us until now. I just wish Royce and Colt had been able to get to know Dad, but he died the day before they were born.

Losing Dad seemed to take a hard toll on Mom. She retired from her job at the hospital and spends all of her time at home now. Just getting her into the yard is a chore. Getting her to stay outside for more than a few minutes is impossible.

07-23-17_12-33-09 AM

All she wants to do is set on the floor and watch kids shows on the television, read books, or complain about various aches and pains.

07-23-17_12-40-58 AM07-23-17_12-45-27 AM07-24-17_1-20-28 PM

I try to take care of the boys the best that I am able to. I am not a great cook, but we manage.

07-24-17_1-21-56 PM

I am always there for them when they have a bad day or need help with homework.

07-24-17_1-21-16 PM

I just hope that Royce and Colt realize how much I love them and that it is good enough to make up for the lack of love and attention they get from our mother.


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