Ch 28: It’s Me! (Jessie Spinks)

San Myshuno is amazing. This place never seems to sleep. Did you know that you can get a cupcake at two in the morning?

07-24-17_11-15-49 PM

Did you know that people in San Myshuno never sleep? I was surprised by the crowd of people at the cupcake stand. I did meet some really interesting and cool people though.

07-24-17_11-16-57 PM

So, what was I doing out at two in the morning? I know you are probably asking yourself that right about now. You see, my best friend is engaged to my nephew. Well he is kinda my nephew. He is the step-son of my sister, so that makes him my step-nephew, right?

Well anyway, Annabella and Eric were having a “date” night at the apartment. I really didn’t care to stick around and be a third wheel on their date, or even watch them make out. That is a bit weird. I figured I would just check out a part of the town I hadn’t seen yet. That was how I found the cupcake stand. I will have to visit Uptown more often.

When I got back to the apartment, I got one hell of a surprise. Annabella and Eric were eloping right there in the living room!

07-24-17_11-29-55 PM

So much for that large wedding they had hoped to have. I’ll let him tell his father the good news.

Speaking of news, I got a call from Gavin and Akira. It was actually pretty quick since I just had the interview with them the day before. They asked me to meet them at the same place they held the interviews. To say I was nervous would be an understatement.

07-25-17_12-27-07 AM

Setting there waiting for them to tell me if I was going to be the oven for their buns was nerve wracking. It was cute watching the two of them interact. They will make great parents.

07-25-17_12-26-37 AM

Finally they told me what they had decided. I expected them to tell me they went with someone else. The other women were all so wonderful and sweet. Even the one with the helmet and alien fascination. By the way, did I tell you that she asked me to pee in a cup for her so she could test for alien DNA? I’m not sure if she was joking or not, but be assured that the cup remained pee free.

Anyway, back to what I started to tell you. They picked ME! I am going to bake their buns! I can’t wait to tell Jackson and my sister.

We talked for a bit about what would be expected and what was going to happen next. I rushed to the apartment to tell Annabella.

07-24-17_11-36-26 PM

She was just as excited as I was. She knew what it meant to me to be able to do this for Gavin and Akira.

07-24-17_11-37-16 PM

Next I’ll tell my sister and Jackson the good news, and move in with the guys so we can get things started. I’m so excited! It’s me! They picked me!



While out getting cupcakes, Jessie decided to mess with the electrical box in Uptown.

07-24-17_11-22-51 PM


6 thoughts on “Ch 28: It’s Me! (Jessie Spinks)

  1. I’m happy for her, but when morning sickness and gestational diabetes come, will Jessie be? 😉

    I didn’t even know played sims could do anything with the electrical boxes though. :O


    1. Either did I. Was just letting the game play for a bit while I ate dinner, looked up and there she was “fixing” the box. lol

      Jessie has good genes. No gestational diabetes for any of her family. Terrible morning sickness though. And the weight gain… Sir Mix-A-Lot would be happy watching her walk away. lol

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m glad Jessie likes Uptown since she’ll be there for a while, lol. Yay for her friend Annabella getting married as well. And I feel her enthusiasm. As a New Yorker, I’ve very excited about the 2am cupcakes and whatnot. There’s this cookie place called Insomnia Cookies, soooooo good!

    Liked by 1 person

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