Ch 31: Time flies – Stellan Knight

Time goes fast and you can miss things if you don’t pay attention. Marlee and Zachery aren’t babies anymore. They are growing up.

08-03-17_12-14-06 AM

Dalton has been a great big brother and chips in to help with them.

We also have Pari who takes care of them while Brooklyn and I are at work and Dalton at school. The kids really love her.

08-03-17_12-43-22 AM

Pari did give me some information that I wasn’t expecting though. Apparently my wife has been “entertaining” other men in our home.

08-03-17_12-46-28 AM

I am still trying to decide what to do about the situation. She is a wonderful mother, but I do find her wife skills to be lacking.

08-03-17_12-37-28 AM

The worst part about finding out this news was the timing of it. We had gathered together to celebrate a couple birthdays: Dalton’s and mine. Brooklyn had made the cake for the two of us. I just hope it is safe to eat.

At this point in my life, would it really matter anyway?

08-03-17_12-56-48 AM


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