Ch 32: Deadbeat Dad (Tucker Knight)

When Myla told us that she was pregnant, I was angry. Actually I was furious. She was still a kid. She was too young to be a mother.

Once I saw the faces of my grandchildren, I melted. Melvin and Cameron are such wonderful kids.

08-03-17_1-00-19 PM

Myla isn’t the best mother in the world, but she is trying and that makes me very happy. The one thing that still has me so angry is seeing her still hurting over that jerk.

I decided that it was time to end this bullshit between the two of them. As soon as Myla left for work, I called that deadbeat and “nicely” invited him to the house.

He did show up which is a plus for him. The fact that he also brought a nice check for child support was another plus. He was able meet his kids and spend some time with them.

It was when he told them that they were going to have a little brother or sister that I lost my temper. This punk knocked up my daughter then turned around and did it to another girl. I let him know exactly what I thought of him.

It was Melvin and Cameron that finally got me to calm down. The last thing I wanted them to see was me killing their sperm donor no matter how much he deserved it.

I could already see that Melvin was geared up to take the deadbeat’s side. Poor Cameron sat nearby just crying. I finally told him that he could put his kids to bed for the night then he could see himself to the door.

I think it will be best if Myla never knows that he was here.


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