Ch 33: History Will Not Repeat Itself (Tiana Day)

Sometimes I think Jackson feels like he is my father instead of my brother. I understand his feeling so I try not to let it make me too mad. My entire teen years have been spent with him raising me. I guess he is a little like another dad.

08-03-17_6-38-45 PM

There has been part of Jackson’s life that he doesn’t talk much about. I know about him being a kid and him with Winter. It was between Winter and Kristi that I didn’t know about. That is until today.

Jackson saw me playing one of his old guitars. I guess it worried him or something. He sat down with me and told me about his band and the problems it caused. I assured him that I have no intention of joining a band and that I only enjoy playing to relax.

The other part of our conversation was about my boyfriend. He says there is something about Ethan that he doesn’t trust. Ethan has been nothing but wonderful and sweet, but I did promise Jackson that if at any time Ethan did anything that made me unhappy or to not trust him, I would break it off.

Personally, I think Ethan just reminds Jackson a bit of himself, and that is what worries him.


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