Ch 36: Reunion (Kristi)

Since Jessie left, things haven’t been the same. I think it is the fact that my little sisters are growing up. Sofia is the youngest and she’s almost ready to graduate high school. It won’t be long before she is moving out of the house also.

08-18-17_11-30-30 AM

Tiana will also be leaving soon. Cheyenne and Lilianna won’t be far behind. I guess just realizing that the girls are all growing up has made me think about when I was their age. It was before Jessie and Sofia were born. Those two were late in life surprises for our parents. I’m talking about when there were just the three of us sisters.

08-18-17_2-17-24 PM

I guess I’ve been feeling pretty down about it lately. Even Tiana noticed and said something about it. After talking to her about things, I felt a bit better. She did have a really good idea. She suggested inviting all of the sisters to the house for a reunion.

08-18-17_2-16-24 PM

It was the first time in a long time that all five of us were together. I think the last time was our parents’ funeral. Sofia was still just a toddler when they died, so it has been awhile. To be honest, I don’t think Heather or Meagon had ever been to my house until the reunion.

It was really nice having everybody get together. We sat and talked for a long time. It was nice for Sofia to hear stories of our parents since she never really had a chance to know them.

08-18-17_2-14-04 PM08-18-17_2-14-31 PM

We spent time in the pool which brought back memories of our childhood for me, Heather, and Meagon. Our grandmother would take us to the pool at the park every day during the summers when we were growing up.

When everybody was leaving, we all agreed to get together again soon. I think we realized that there won’t be many more chances for all of us to get together.


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