Ch 37: A Life Well Lived (Princess Simcess)

I took a walk through San Myshuno today. I ran into a couple people I know. I saw Stellan but didn’t get a chance to talk to him. I think he was on his way to work.

08-19-17_9-40-00 PM

I feel bad for him and what he is going through with Brooklynn right now. She was never good enough for him. She proved that.

I also saw Stellan’s brother, Tucker. It was a shock to see him busking in the city. I didn’t realize how far he fell when Stellan kicked him out of the house. It was his own fault for getting mixed up with Tony though.

08-19-17_9-30-22 PM

Seeing the two of them made me realize just how old we have gotten. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked about it. I have three boys at home who are about to start their last year of high school. I guess it has been Krystal who has kept me feeling young. Now that she is starting school, I guess I’m feeling my age.

08-19-17_10-13-17 PM

I haven’t even noticed the years on Adam, but now that I stop to think about it, he does have a few more wrinkles than he used to.

08-19-17_10-08-37 PM

The walk around San Myshuno takes more out of me than it used to. At one time I could walk the city with no problems. Now I have to set down from time to time to rest.

I think it may be time to stick closer to home and spend my time with Adam and the kids.

08-19-17_10-02-44 PM


2 thoughts on “Ch 37: A Life Well Lived (Princess Simcess)

    1. I was really hoping one of his kids would go thru the dress as a bear stage. That would have been so cute. None did, but his daughter is still young so still a chance.


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