Ch 38: Family life (Elias Day)

08-23-17_8-10-30 PM

I do not have one of those conventional families. You know the ones. Husband, wife, 2.3 children. I am okay with that. I have something better. I have my wife and our son, Christopher. I also have my mother-in-law and her little girl, Lacey, living with us. Next door is my sister, her husband, and their two kids. Next to them is my father and his even less conventional family. Our street is mostly family and I like that. We see each other pretty often.

08-23-17_9-45-44 PM

The time I spend with my wife and son is great. It is actually my favorite time of the day. I don’t even mind when Lacey joins us.

08-23-17_8-39-47 PM

My father-in-law died before Lacey and Christopher were born. Like a day before. Now that Christina is growing older, we all know that soon it is going to be just the four of us in the house. Yes, Emily and I have agreed to take care of Lacey once her mother leaves us. It will be almost like raising twins since Christopher and Lacey are the same age.

08-23-17_8-34-55 PM

It is going to be rough, especially for Lacey and Emily. Keeping them together will be the best thing though. Having Christopher to play with will be great for Lacey.

08-23-17_8-42-28 PM

Lacey loves her big sister. I don’t think Christopher has taken to Lacey yet though. He tends to get jealous when his mom is paying attention to his aunt. I think he will get past that though. It will just take time.

Our family may not be the typical family, but it works for us.


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