Ch 39: Moving On (Thu)

08-24-17_4-34-33 PM

After finding out about Axel stealing my underwear and firing him, I knew things had to change. I had spent a long time thinking about my life and the way I treated the people who tried to care about me.

I think I may have made an even bigger mistake when I tried to fix my life. I was probably better off with Axel.

Most of my time now is spent reading, talking to the toilet, and more reading. Sounds lonely, doesn’t it? It’s actually not. I have people here with me.

08-24-17_4-37-40 PM

I’ve moved in with Salim and his children. It hasn’t been easy being around the kids, but I’m getting by. If I had known about the kids, I never would have agreed to marry Salim. It turns out he only married me to have someone to care for the kids.

08-24-17_4-37-50 PM

I’ve been a good wife even if having Salim touching me makes my skin crawl. I don’t love him. Not like I did Andrea. I will never love anybody like him.

08-24-17_4-41-15 PM

I can put up with this for a few years, I guess. Salim won’t live forever.



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