Update 4

Jackson and his wife are reaching the end of their days. (Thank goodness for aging off most of the time so can keep them around a bit longer.) Cheyenne has reached young adult and will be leaving the home as soon as her mother stops being a big baby about her little girl growing up. Tiana, Liliana, and Sofia are going to be graduating from high school school. Tiana is planning a life with her boyfriend, Ethan Kelsey. Liliana is still unsure what she is going to be doing after high school. Sofia is considering moving in with her sister, Heather.

09-05-17_12-20-11 PM

Brooklynn has found herself homeless with a newborn son to care for. After Stellan caught her cheating he kicked her out of the house. She headed straight for Paulo’s house with Lee, but found that he was already married with his own family.

Since divorcing Brooklynn, Stellan had taken comfort in his children. Dalton and his wife, Moriah, have been a huge help when it comes to taking care of the twins, Marlee and Zachery.

Meagon and Jamie are new to the story, but not new to the game. Both have three children from previous relationships and none together. Meagon is the sister of my simselfie and is based on my true sister. Jamie is based on my sister’s fiance.

High school sweethearts finally got together. They eloped in Annabelle’s living room. Annabelle and Eric wasted no time starting their family and recently welcomed their newborn daughter, Casandra to the family.

After finding out the truth about his wife and their marriage, Axel decided to stay for their daughters and hope that the baby Oumaima was carrying would be the boy her family needed to carry on the business. Unfortunately Oumaima gave birth to another daughter, Piper. Abbie and Lacie are not happy about their new little sister. They are considering invitro for future children.

Everybody’s favorite boss has made her way to the story, and she seems to have found herself a new daddy in Salim Benali. Salim comes equipped with two children of his own: his teenage son, Jacobo, and his daughter, Ember.

Tucker and Kendra have been playing grandparents to their daughter, Myla’s, twins, Cameron and Melvin. They are still trying to establish paternity with their father, Tony Jr.

Brianna has lived a quiet life. Her husband, Steven, is the nephew of my simselfie. Don’t even ask me to explain the relationships in that. It gives me a headache to think of it. They have three children. Two boys named Colton and Max, and a newborn daughter born the day before her mother’s birthday named Cadence.

09-05-17_2-27-32 PMHeather is another character who has always been in the background but recently made an appearance. She is the sister of my SimSelfie. She is also the mother of Steven, Brianna’s husband. She has two other children, both daughters. Her youngest, Ashley, can be seen in earlier chapters as a friend of Siobhan’s, Elias’s, and Eric’s. Her third husband recently died (he pissed me off in RL so I killed him in my game). Sofia is preparing to move in with Heather to help care for her older sister in her senior years.

Christina is still hanging on. That has been good for her daughter’s Emily and Lacey. Elias is prepared to take over care of Lacey with Emily any day. Good thing Lacey and Christopher get along like brother and sister already. They both even seem to love the newest baby in the family, Hilary.

After the death of the Meatball, Chiandra found herself a new husband. A much younger new husband. Tony Jr is not at all happy about it since he went to school with his new step father. Marcella is still in the house also. Tony Jr is hoping to change that soon. He doesn’t mind if their son, Pat, stays though.


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