Ch 41: Getting Prepared (Jessie)

09-05-17_5-18-54 PM

As much as she liked everybody, Jessie did often feel like the fifth wheel. Two couples in love in the house, then there’s her. The single lady. She ended up spending a lot of time out of apartment exploring and visiting friends and family. She did make sure she was always there when she was needed for appointments and anything else though. She didn’t want them to have second thoughts about choosing her.

Most of her time out and about was during her free time when everybody else was paired up, or everybody was gone for the day.

This time she took advantage of everybody being gone to head home to Newcrest and visit a few people. Her first stop was going to be Jackson’s aunt, Brianna.

09-05-17_5-40-39 PM

She was relieved that Brianna was home and willing to talk to her. Apparently Jackson had told her what was going on and to expect me to come wanting to talk. I will have to thank him for that later.

We did have a really nice talk about what to expect. She told me about the appointments needed to get my body ready for this and the ones to get my mind ready. She also told me about how hard it will be to hand the baby over. That I already knew, but I also know that I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Gavin and Akira are going to be great fathers. I know that. If the kids want to look me up when they are older, I’m fine with that.

It’s not like I can’t have other kids after this anyway.

After leaving Brianna’s home feeling better about my decision and knowing more of what to expect, I headed next door to my sister’s house. Unfortunately Heather wasn’t home. Knowing her, she was out looking for husband number four.

09-05-17_5-49-49 PM

Since she wasn’t home, she headed across the town to visit her oldest sister. Kristi was always home now that she had retired from whatever it was she had done for a living.

She was right about her sister being home. Oddly, Kristi didn’t invite her into the house though. Instead she met her in the side yard to talk.

Neither her nor Jackson seemed happy to see me. I wonder what is going on. Something is strange here.


3 thoughts on “Ch 41: Getting Prepared (Jessie)

  1. I love the way that you wrote Jessie’s reaction to being in the house with the two couples. That’s been my exact experience with having her in my save. Because of her jealous trait, she often gets a sad moodlet or a tense moodlet from being around happy couples.

    She’s such good friends with them all after just a short amount of time and the household though. Even Kenya is embracing her, she’s only looked at Jessie like she wanted to kill her for daring to be near her husband three or four times.

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    1. She got the look of death from Kenya right before I took the picture of her with Akira. Lol it is why there is only the one picture from the apartment in that chapter. Kenya wasn’t having any part of her being in the room with Her hubby.

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