Ch 44: Wanting More (Myla Knight)

09-17-17_8-27-10 PM

The days are starting to run together. I get up. I take care of Cameron and Melvin. I send them off to school. I spend the day with my mother. I help the kids with their homework after school. I go to bed. The next day I do it all over again.

Do not mistake what I said as me not loving or appreciating my life. I do. I adore my kids. I love my parents. I just want more.

09-17-17_9-41-54 PM

Today I decided to do something to change my life and that of the kids. I called their father.

09-17-17_9-42-49 PM

I didn’t really expect him to show up, but he did. He seemed to be in a pretty bad mood though.

09-17-17_9-48-36 PM

Something about his mother, his step father, and that woman living in the house with them. We didn’t really go into details.

What we did go into though…

09-17-17_9-52-13 PM

Let’s just say that old habits die hard.

09-17-17_10-00-10 PM

I know it was probably a big mistake that I can’t take back. I will probably regret it later.

09-17-17_10-03-24 PM

But is it really asking too much to want the kind of relationship that my parents have?


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