Ch 46: Intimate parties (Grace Rosebrook)

09-21-17_3-11-24 PM

When I told my parents about this girl named Lindsey at school, I never expected them to invite her to move into our house. Mom and Dad said that the poor girl was young, pregnant, and homeless. They had to help her and her baby. I guess that was fine. I mean it is almost like having a sister or something.

Now that she has graduated and found a job, I expected her to move out and into her own place, but nope. Jakob fell head over heals for her.

09-21-17_3-32-11 PM

So guess who is now staying and has an instant daddy for her baby. My parents are happy about it. They consider the baby to be their granddaughter even if she isn’t Jakob’s kid.

09-21-17_3-16-49 PM

I guess little Daisy is cute. I just hope they don’t expect me to change her diapers or spend my weekends babysitting the little barf monster.

I do like having my big brother at home. He is one of my best friends. I am glad that he decided to stay until after he finishes university.

09-21-17_3-21-12 PM

There is only one problem with having so many people in the house. The lack of privacy. It seems like every night there is a party in the small kitchen.

If it wasn’t crowded enough in the kitchen, everybody holds another party in the even smaller bathrooms.

As much as I love this house, maybe Mom and Dad should consider expanding a couple of the rooms.


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