Ch 47: Out of the Big House (Kyle Richardson)

09-26-17_1-51-35 PM

Coming home after 15 years away was amazing. Seeing my beautiful wife was the best thing ever. Fifteen years of only being able to see her through glass and talk on a phone. Being able to hold her in my arms now is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Well, second most wonderful.

09-26-17_1-52-58 PM

We wasted no time getting back between the sheets together. It was great being back in my own bed instead of that hard cot in the cell I spent that last several years of my life in.

09-26-17_2-00-01 PM

Seeing my daughter almost broke my heart though. The last time I had seen her, she was just learning to walk. Now she was a beautiful young woman. I missed so much of her life because of what I did. I just hope she can forgive me.

The missed time with Scarlett and our daughter, Amber, was my fault. I was the one that helped Uncle Tony. I was mixed up in the kidnapping of my own brother’s daughter. If you wanted to get technical, I am partly responsible for my brother’s death. His husband went to jail for killing Uncle Tony because of what we did. My brother died of a broken heart. I will never forgive myself for that.

I was able to meet Amber’s girlfriend. I will admit that it surprised me.

09-26-17_3-03-09 PM

Lyric is a sweet girl though. I am happy for the two of them. At least with the two of them, I don’t have to worry about any surprise teenage pregnancies.


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