Ch 48: Who Would Do This? (Krystal Le Pew)

09-28-17_1-34-36 PM

It’s been hard. It doesn’t make any sense. Who would have done something like this? Who would have killed my brothers? Why would anybody want to do it?

09-28-17_1-37-46 PM

I don’t think they know what they have done to my family. My brothers were all newlyweds. They had a beautiful wedding where they all married on the same day. Just a few days ago, Ezekiel and Jaron were both over at the house to tell my parents that their first grandchildren were on the way. Everybody was so happy and excited. Dad even gave the boys tickets to the baseball game that night so they could celebrate. Dad blames himself because the boys were killed that night after the game.

09-28-17_1-35-25 PM

Dad just seems so sad and lost today.

09-28-17_1-37-13 PM

Mom does also.

09-28-17_1-38-39 PM

I have been making sure to give them both lots of hugs, especially dad.

Tomorrow we will meet my brothers’ wives at the funeral home and plan the funerals.

09-28-17_1-40-42 PM

Tonight, we just try to find a way to comfort each other and get through the night.



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