Ch 49: Alone but Not Alone (Cheyenne)

We had heard the rumors about a curse on the old house. Jaron’s parents had even warned us about it. It was the reason they had moved into the smaller cottage next to the house. But Jaron and the rest of us thought that it would be okay. The curse had been put on their father, not on them. Plus nothing had happened at the house since his parents had moved out.

We should have listened.

We cannot blame what happened on the house. The boys were not even home at the time. It was just us three wives there getting everything unpacked while our husbands were at the baseball game. We were home when the police came to tell us that our husbands had been murdered. We were home when we heard the screams of their mother after the police stopped at the cottage to tell their parents and sister the tragic news.

We know that the house did not shoot our husbands. We know it was it was some evil person out there in the world that did it. What we don’t know is who or why.

We were told that we could stay in the house if we wished to. Even though the house does not belong to us, it does belong to our unborn children. Two of us were lucky enough to be able to conceive children before our husbands were taken from us. As blood members of the royal family, they are entitled to live and grow up in the family home.

We all chose not to stay. It would not feel right being there without Jaron, MacKenzie, and Ezekiel. Kinley went back to San Myshuno to have MacKenzie’s baby where she would have her brothers to help her. Rowan moved back to Willow Creek with her family. Me…I came home to Newcrest. I am back with my parents and my sister.

10-07-17_2-25-15 PM

They have been a huge help thru all of this. They have been giving me my space when I need it. Access to all the food I could want.

10-07-17_1-25-30 PM

Dad has even been playing his music more than I have heard him play in years. It is really nice since I have always enjoyed listening to him play. I’m not sure when he learned to play the violin though, but he is pretty good at it. I know they say that the baby can hear what is going on, so I am happy that my little one gets to hear his or her grandpa playing.

10-07-17_1-49-50 PM

The best part of being back in Newcrest has been the walks. I know the area here and do not worry about getting lost.

In Windenberg, I often got lost on my walks. I do plan to visit Windenberg often. Jaron’s parents and sister live there. i want my child to grow up knowing Jaron’s family.


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