Ch 50: Changes (Anthony Jr)

There have been several changes around here lately. Not all changes are good. Actually most of the changes could be bordering on the bad side in my opinion.

10-14-17_2-51-02 PM

My parents are back together. Mom died a few weeks ago. I wasted no time kicking that husband of hers out of the house. I never liked Brandon when we were in school, and I sure in the Hell did not like him being married to my mother.

Mom and Dad have a special place on the balcony outside my bedroom. That is another change. The house. Marcella and I decided that the house was way too large for just the three of us. Pat was always getting lost in that house. We fired the butler and moved out. We now live in a much smaller house that, in our opinion, is just the right size for the three of us. We hired a maid to come in and clean, but for the most part, it is just the three of us alone in the house.

That is yet another big change. Marcella and I got married. It was one of the last things that Mom had asked for. I couldn’t tell her no.

It hasn’t been too bad. I do care for Marcella. She is a pretty amazing woman. I can’t say that I love her though. My heart belongs to someone else and probably always will.

Speaking of the lady who holds my heart, her father called me today. His timing was terrible since I was attempting to have some time with my wife.

The phone call ruined the mood, but it was a very productive phone call. The fact that he was asking me for help with a problem he got himself into was actually pretty amusing. The man had worked for my father, and now he thinks that I will be able to help him. The fact he thinks I would even want to help him after the way he has treated me is laughable. He did actually help me though. By asking for my help, he gave me some information that I can use against him in the future.

Thankfully the mood was easily recovered.

10-14-17_3-41-02 PM


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