Character Update 5

After Chiandra died, Anthony kicked her husband out of the house. The family then moved into a smaller home where their son, Pat, would not get lost trying to find the dinner table. Anthony and Marcella have gotten married and are now expecting another child.

After Cheyenne’s husband, Jaron Le Pew, was killed, Cheyenne moved back in with her parents and younger sister, Lilliana. Cheyenne and Jaron’s daughter, Kamila, was born not long after.

After Tiana and Ethan married, they moved into the house that Tiana’s fathers had lived in and left for her. They are expecting their first baby. You can be certain that their children will not be permitted to chase butterflies on the porch.

After losing their three sons, Prince Adam and Princess Simcess have been keeping their daughter, Krystal, close. They are all hoping to learn who killed Ezekiel, Jaron, and MacKenzie.



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