Ch 51: New Beginnings

I heard he had married that woman. I didn’t want to believe it. I knew she was living with him, but how could he marry her. He always told me that he hated her. Yet he married her and rumor was she was knocked up by him again. That doesn’t sound like hate to me.

I had gone to Newcrest to confront him, but a call from my mother telling me that there was an emergency at home and I was needed stopped me. I got back home as fast as I could. What I found there was much worse than the mess with Anthony.

10-16-17_8-58-25 AM

My Daddy was gone. The only mad I could count on. The only man who truly loved me without lying about it. My world felt like it was crashing down around me.

I went to check on my mother to make sure she was okay. I found her setting in the nursery.

She seemed to be in a daze but otherwise okay. I don’t think she was eating much of the food my son had gotten for her. I know I will have to keep my eye on her. She’s pregnant and needs to take care of herself.

10-18-17_9-01-43 PM

My daughter seems to be dealing with the loss of her grandfather by cleaning. I guess everybody handles grief differently.

10-18-17_9-19-18 PM

It is bringing Mom and I closer. The two of us never had a great relationship, but now we are working on that.

All of this did have me thinking. I do not want to live my own life alone. The man I want is now married to another woman. The father of my children has betrayed me. That does not stop me from loving him any less, however. It did give me an idea.


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