Ch 52: From Bad to Worse

I don’t know what to believe anymore. Everything I once thought my life was, or where it was heading, has been called into question. I thought my father was the greatest man alive. I thought he could do no wrong. Now, I am being told that he may have killed someone. Actually, not just someone. Three someones. Three men who were the sons of his brother’s best friend.

Uncle Stellan had come over to talk to Mom and me. He wanted us to know that the police and reporters may be coming to ask questions about Dad. I am glad that my little brothers and sister are too little to understand what is being said about our father. Hopefully Dad’s name will be cleared and they will never have to know about any of this.

After Uncle Stellan left, I called Anthony. I wanted to know if he had heard anything about who could have killed the guys.

Unfortunately, that conversation did not go as planned. He told me about the conversation he had with Dad right after the guys were killed. It really does seem possible that my father was not the good guy I thought that he was. I didn’t know what to believe anymore.

It didn’t help that I don’t even know if I can believe Anthony. He goes from kissing me and…well, you know…

…to flirting with my mother.

Then there’s whole bit about him telling me that he loves me then he marries another woman. Is it any wonder that I have trust issues?

I did get on the internet to see what was being said about Dad. I wanted to see if Anthony and Uncle Stellan were right. I needed to know if they were blaming Dad.

10-22-17_12-29-43 PM

Unfortunately, they were telling the truth. There was articles already hitting the internet calling my father a murderer. The worst part was that many of them were saying that Anthony helped him.

So not only were they calling my father a murderer, but they were saying the father of my children was also. Could things get any worse?

10-22-17_2-25-17 PM


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