Ch 53: Things Just Keep Getting Worse

10-22-17_7-21-57 PM

Everything is just getting worse instead of better. Losing Dad has caused a lot of changes. Most of them have been pretty bad.

Mom and I have been spending time with the kids to try to keep things as normal as possible for them. It has been hard for Mom though. She says there are too many memories of Dad around this place. I completely agree with her on that.

Tiana came over for awhile to check on us. I think she just needed a break from Ethan and their new baby. I was happy to see her. It was nice spending time with an old friend.

While Tiana was here, mom broke the news that she is taking the babies and moving out. She said she can’t stay here with all of the memories. She also wants to raise the babies away from all the gossip about Dad. I don’t blame her. I will miss all of them, but I understand.

10-22-17_7-01-55 PM

With Mom gone, we also lost the income coming into the house. I have been looking for a job, but nobody wants to hire a pregnant woman with no skills. I guess the new garden I started will have to do for income and food until I can find something.

Until then, it is just me and my 2.5 kids.

10-22-17_7-21-57 PM


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