Ch 54: That’s What Friends Are For

I really do have some great friends. They always seem to know when I need to have them around.

10-23-17_1-43-42 PM

Even my cousin has been stopping by to check on us, which is great since it was his father that kicked us out of the family house and stuck us in the slums of the city.

10-23-17_1-24-58 PM

Trying to take care of Cameron and Marvin while being pregnant yet again, has been pretty stressful. Anthony comes over to help out, but it’s not the same as having a full time partner to help with the parenting duties. Now that Dad is gone, and Mom moved out, it is all on me.

Don’t get me, wrong. I adore my children. I am glad that they are happy with the baby that is coming. I just wish I had someone to help me. That is where my friends come in, and why they are so wonderful.10-23-17_1-29-18 PM

They have been helping with the garden and a little of the cleaning. It has been wonderful having them here to help.

10-23-17_1-28-31 PM

It is cute seeing Anthony excited about being a father again. It is a big change from the way it was with the twins. Maybe this baby will be able to convince him….no, I wouldn’t do that to his wife and their children. That would not be fair. I guess I can live with just having him when I can.


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