Ch 55: And Baby Makes Four

10-23-17_1-59-01 PM

I finished ordering the things I needed for the new baby. Mom had taken all of the baby stuff with her when she moved out with the triplets. I had managed to sell enough produce from the garden to buy a few things the baby would need. I know that I will get a bassinet for free. I can feed the baby free also. Thank goodness for boobs. Melvin and Cameron still have many of their old toys, so I do not have to worry about getting those right now. It was the diapers, clothes, and bathing items that I needed to get.

When I told Melvin that the new baby was going to be a girl, he did not seem too happy about it. I guess he was hoping for a little brother. At least Cameron is happy to be getting a little sister. I am just happy that it is only one this time. I don’t think I could do twins again, and definitely not triplets.10-23-17_2-43-54 PM

Cameron and Melvin have been arguing lately about the new baby. Cameron keeps talking about all the things they are going to do when she is old enough to play with her big sister. Melvin argues back that the new baby is going to destroy all their toys with teething marks and slobber.

I wonder if he would feel the same if the baby was a boy instead. I never hear him complaining about his half brothers.10-23-17_2-34-08 PM

Now if I could just get these back pains to ease up. They have been coming and going all morning.

It seems there was a reason for the back aches. It was the baby’s way of telling me that she was ready to meet everybody. I was so happy that Anthony was able to be at the hospital this time to see his daughter born.

10-23-17_3-13-40 PM

It was a long labor. I don’t remember labor taking so long for the twins. I guess what they say about each time being different is true. This was enough to convince me that childbirth is a torture I do not want to ever go through again. I had Dr. Gaslight take care of that while he was doing his work. No more kids from this body. Nope. Not ever.

Holding my daughter for the first time was almost worth the pain and torture. Almost. It still does not convince me to do it again.

Once I had her home in her bassinet and was watching her sleep, I could not help but smile as my heart filled with love for this little girl.

Welcome to the world, Antonia.

10-23-17_3-27-14 PM


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