Ch 56: Midnight Swim (Melvin)

We knew that we were not allowed to be in the pool at night. We also knew that we were not allowed to be in the pool without Mom there to watch us. Cameron had been waiting all day to swim, but Mom had been taking care of Antonia. Mom was always taking care of Antonia. I really hate that darn baby. After tonight, I hate her even more.

10-23-17_5-19-13 PM

I knew Cameron was in the pool. I knew and I didn’t stop her or tell Mom. Cameron couldn’t swim very well but she wanted to join the swim team at school. She dreamed of going to the Olympics and swimming. She said she would be a girl Michael Phelps. I think it would happen too. When Cameron set her mind on something, she did it. Grandma said she was stubborn and that was sometimes a good thing.

It wasn’t good this time. And Cameron was never going to be a girl Michael Phelps. Remember when I told you that she couldn’t swim very well?

10-23-17_5-19-45 PM

I should have said that Cameron couldn’t swim at all.

10-23-17_5-21-06 PM

I was watching from our bedroom window. I saw her go under the water and not come back up.

10-23-17_5-21-39 PM

Mom must have been watching too. By the time I got out there, Mom was already there. So was that creepy guy that I remember seeing when Grandpa died. That is when I knew it was too late. That is when I knew I should have told mom that Cameron was in the pool. That was when I should have made mom leave Antonia and help Cameron.

10-23-17_5-53-59 PM

That is also when I realized that my mom and the creepy guy were friends.

10-23-17_5-54-18 PMThat is when I started to hate all three of them and decided they would all pay for me losing my twin sister and my best friend.


5 thoughts on “Ch 56: Midnight Swim (Melvin)

      1. I know but Melvin is the one that is going to suffer now. I like to think Cameron is with the triplets and Jackson and everyone else like that who’s died. I feel for their mum right now,she’s just had a baby and now she’s lost one of her other children. 😦

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