Pieces of Time


Ch 1: Revenge is a dish best served cold

Ch 2: Skipping School and Skipping Out

Ch 3: I Do…

Ch 4: Falling into Place

Ch 5: Friends and Foes

Ch 6: Not giving up

Ch 7: Breaking news and breaking down

Ch 8: Moving on

Ch 9: Having my cake and good friends too

Ch 10: It’s Not Fair

Character Update

Ch 11: Making plans

Ch 12: The Beginning and the Ending

Ch 13: The Homecoming

Ch 14: Raccoons and Karaoke

Ch 15: Life Sucks

Ch 16: Confused (Anthony Jr)

Ch 17: I’m Sorry (Jackson Day)

Ch 18: Busted and Broken (Myla Knight)

Ch 19: Taking a Break (Jessie Spinks)

Ch 20: Hewwo! (Krystal Le Pew)

Character Update 2

Ch 21: Big Mistake (Axel Hahn)

Ch 22: Functional Family Life (Zayne Rosebrook)

Ch 23: Taking a chance (Jessie Spinks)

Ch 24: Unanswered Calls (Myla Knight)

Ch 25: Whirlwind (Annabella Andrews)

Ch 26: Trapped (Axel Hahn)

Ch 27: Not The Mama (Rosemary Zbornak)

Ch 28: It’s Me! (Jessie Spinks)

Ch 29: Wonderful News! (Jackson Day)

Ch 30: History Repeats Itself (Anthony Jr.)

Character Update 3

Ch 31: Time flies – Stellan Knight

Ch 32: Deadbeat Dad (Tucker Knight)

Ch 33: History Will Not Repeat Itself (Tiana Day)

Ch 34: Celebration! (Annabella Day)

Ch 35: I Hate My Life (Oumaima Hahn)

Ch 36: Reunion (Kristi)

Ch 37: A Life Well Lived (Princess Simcess)

Ch 38: Family life (Elias Day)

Ch 39: Moving On (Thu)

Ch 40: The End (Stellan Knight)

Update 4

Ch 41: Getting Prepared (Jessie)

Ch 42: Memory Lane and Goodbye (Jackson)

Ch 43: I Do (Tiana Day)

Ch 44: Wanting More (Myla Knight)

Ch 45: Dream Come True? (Thu)

Ch 46: Intimate parties (Grace Rosebrook)

Ch 47: Out of the Big House (Kyle Richardson)

Ch 48: Who Would Do This? (Krystal Le Pew)

Ch 49: Alone but Not Alone (Cheyenne)

Ch 50: Changes (Anthony Jr)

Character Update 5